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TVS BS- i203S BT LITE Wireless Bluetooth Scanner

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TVS BS- i203S BT LITE Wireless Bluetooth Scanner User Manual


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

    • Purpose
    • Product Overview
    • Package Contents
    • System Requirements
  2. Getting Started

    • Installation
    • Charging the Scanner
    • Powering On/Off
    • Connecting to Devices
  3. Scanner Operation

    • Scanning Barcodes
    • Scanning Modes (Continuous, Trigger, Presentation)
    • LED and Beep Indications
    • Error Messages
  4. Configuration

    • Configuring Scanner Settings
    • Customizing Data Output
    • Advanced Settings
  5. Maintenance

    • Cleaning and Care
    • Battery Maintenance
    • Firmware Updates
  6. Troubleshooting

    • Common Issues and Solutions
    • Resetting the Scanner
  7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  8. Warranty and Support

    • Warranty Information
    • Support Contact
  9. Safety and Compliance

    • Safety Precautions
    • Regulatory Compliance
  10. Glossary

  • Key Terminologies and Definitions

1. Introduction


QR codes (Quick Response codes) are two-dimensional barcodes that can store much more information than traditional linear barcodes. The purpose of the scanner in track and trace systems is to efficiently and accurately capture data encoded in QR Codes and barcodes for the purpose of tracking and tracing items throughout their lifecycle. This technology is commonly used in various industries, such as logistics, supply chain management, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.

Product Overview

The TVS BS-i203S BT LITE scanner is a high-speed, durable, and portable 2D Bluetooth Wireless Scanner, accompanied by a convenient charging cradle for extended barcode scanning hours. This user-friendly device caters to diverse business requirements. Its robust capabilities include decoding of poorly printed or damaged 1D and 2D barcodes, ensuring optimal performance. Moreover, it boasts an impressive 3-meter drop resistance, guaranteeing reliable operation even in challenging environments.


  • Easy Charging Cradle
  • Designed with an ergonomic grip
  • Comfortable & durable scan button
  • High-scanning speed of 300 scans/sec
  • Drop Shock Resistance of 3 meters on concrete.
  • 512K characters storage
  • 300 scans/sec
  • 40 meters line of sight – distance covered

Package Contents

  1. Scanner-1 No
  2. Charging Base-1 No
  3. Charging Cable-1 No
  4. Adapter-1 No
  5. Manual-1 No

Minimum System Requirements

● Memory: 2 GB RAM or more
● Operating System: Windows 8 or above
● Processor: 2 GHz or faster
● USB 2.0 or above.
● High speed Internet connection

2. Getting Started


Step-by-step instructions on how to set up and install the scanner for first-time use.

  • Factory Reset: Scan the QR code to Reset the settings.
  • Bluetooth Pairing:
    • Scanner Pairing with Cradle: Scan the below pairing Code 1 and Code 2 in sequence. The scanner indicator becomes Blue and Flashing

Code 1


Code 2

  • Connection with Host Device: Connect the cradle to the Host device and wait till the LED indicator on both scanner and the Cradle becomes Blue. The scanner is now ready to use.

Wireless Inventory mode

  • Scan the following QR code to enable the Wireless Inventory mode.


The data will be stored in the in-built memory and transferred to host device.

  • Scan the following QR code to enable “Upload all the data and clear the memory” mode.


Delay in Transmit Speed

  • Enable 5ms delay in the transmit speed to avoid any data loss during the transfer. Scan the following QR to enable the same.
    qrcode_X=0671 5MS DELAY.png

Charging the Scanner

Guidelines for charging the scanner’s battery and battery life information.

  • Connect the cradle to the charging cable and place the Scanner in the charging dock of the cradle.
  • The green LED indicates the charging.

3. Scanner Operation

Scanning Barcodes

Instructions on how to scan barcodes using the different scanning modes available.

Scanning Modes

Explanation of the various scanning modes supported by the scanner (Continuous, Trigger, Presentation) and when to use each.

LED and Beep Indications

Interpretation of LED lights and beep sounds and their meanings during scanning and operation.

Error Messages

A list of common error messages and their troubleshooting steps.

4. Configuration

Configuring Scanner Settings

How to adjust and customize various scanner settings according to user preferences.

Customizing Data Output

Instructions for modifying the format of scanned data output.

Advanced Settings

Explanation of more advanced settings and their potential impact on scanner performance.

5. Maintenance

Cleaning and Care

Proper cleaning procedures and general maintenance tips to ensure optimal scanner performance.

Battery Maintenance

Guidance on extending the battery life and best practices for battery maintenance.

Firmware Updates

Step-by-step instructions for updating the scanner’s firmware to access the latest features and improvements.

6. Troubleshooting

Common Issues and Solutions

A comprehensive list of common problems users may encounter, along with their respective solutions.

Resetting the Scanner

Instructions on how to perform a factory reset to restore the scanner to its default settings.

7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A compilation of frequently asked questions and their answers related to the bar code scanner.

8. Warranty and Support

Warranty Information

Details on the product’s warranty coverage and terms.

Support Contact

Contact information for customer support and technical assistance.

9. Safety and Compliance

Safety Precautions

Important safety guidelines to follow while using the bar code scanner.

Regulatory Compliance

Information about compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

10. Glossary

Key Terminologies and Definitions

A glossary of key terms and their definitions related to bar code scanning technology.

(Note: The actual content for each section will depend on the specific model and features of the bar code scanner being described in the manual.)

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